Flesh Eating Bacteria Pictures

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Necrotizing fasciitis occurs most often in people who already have weak immune systems. There are several strains of the disease, some of which are resistant to antibiotics. The term "flesh-eating bacteria" is actually inaccurate, as the bacteria do not eat flesh; rather, they release toxins that affect the skin and muscles.

Tissue Eating Disease
Necrotizing Fascilitis

Necrotizing Bacteria
Flesh Eating Disease Images

Skin Eating Bacteria Photos
Bacteria Infection

Necrotizing Faciitis
Skin Eating


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Comments on flesheatingbacteriapictures.com

Rakshitha says:    


Can I have the pictures of the bacteria???

Paula Landua says:    


I am having a hard time convincing my medically trained family members that I may have a fleshing eating bacteria on my finger. I had pustule looking places that looked like little white heads come up on index finger of my left hand. I have now had the first layer of skin progressively just dry up and peel off leaving dry, red, shinny skin underneath.After several days, I am now seeing those same pustule looking spots begin to show up in the open 2nd layer of tissue the first group left behind. I have pictures of my finger, is there a way I can get comments on the pictures as to whether you may think this is in fact a flesh eating bacteria I have contracted? It is really worrying me. I want it stopped before it gets out of hand completely. Thank you for a quick response.

angel taylor says:    


awsome facts lots of help with school project

susan sims says:    


I had this in 2006.everybody thought my mother was babying me. No one came to the hospital until allmy kids came I from out of town after my mom told them the Dr said I was dieing. I said after I came out ofthis that I think it was some kind of terrist attack. This stuff is so bad my family seen it and now they know she wasn't Babying me, she was trying to hold on to me. I was rotting right in front of her eyes..Anyone that gets this I hope and pray they get well soon and I hope a cure is found soon.

Jamie Murphy says:    


This is no illness to play with. Im in Texas and at 10 years old I go this disease. Is started with peeling in between my toes so we thought it was my exzema then it got extremely red and hot to the touch so I went to the doctor. He thought it was my exzema as well so prescribed me a cream but a few days later my skin was gone so back to the doctor again and over that week I was back and forth between a disease specialist and my primary doc always having about minimum 10 doctors in my room cause they had never seen it before. Throughout that week half my foot was gone only bone and a few veins where showing. The horrible pain of removing and changing my gauze was unbelievable. After about 9 months and 3 creams and about 6 medications it was finally going away. At times they where worried and considered amputating my foot. Im so glad doctors had faith and didn't. Anytime you see odd signs happening to your skin please please get yourself checked out. That's the only reason docs think mine didn't spread further is because I took action so quickly.

kimberly putnam says:    


my friend has something that looks like this and i want to know if it is this he said it always feels like someone is giving a tattoo non stop needles is red and has big scabs over wounds

dora graves says:    


oh my god what can we do to cure his/her problem

Alisha london says:    


this is so sad i feel sorry for the kids and people that go throw this type of part in there life. i want them to now that they are way stronger thin me because i would have toke my on life .just hang in there you are still beautiful

jasmin says:    


knilabutan aq when i saw the videos from jessica sojo and paranf ntakot aq. what if magkron din aq ng sakit na ganyan. the worst thing for me is that nkarating na din here sa pinas ang desease na un.

pol says:    


this was my first time hearing the said disease since i was a health provider, flesh eating disease is a very rare disease here in philippines, so im interested to know what this disease is all about to be more familiar of this kind of killing disease. i've done research and many studies to find out what would be the preliminary interventions if i would be encountering this disease in the future

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